Due to his health issues, Ron Jeremy, a former adult film star, was freed from jail to a “private residence” in a rape case

Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy, a former adult film star, has been released from jail to a “private residence” because of his failing health.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office told Fox News Digital that they opposed the release of Jeremy, who is facing multiple charges of rape and sexual assault. They said that the Public Guardian, who requested the release, will provide 24-hour care for Jeremy at his new location.

They also said that Jeremy is “practically bedridden” and unable to leave the residence. However, they expressed concern that Jeremy could still harm his caregivers, as he allegedly tried to do at other facilities. The judge dismissed their objection and said that the Public Guardian could hire male caregivers to prevent that.

Jeremy, whose full name is Ronald Jeremy Hyatt, was deemed mentally incompetent to stand trial by Superior Court Judge Ronald S. Harris in January. The judge based his decision on reports from both the prosecution and the defense that said that the 70-year-old suffers from “incurable neurocognitive decline.”

Jeremy was indicted in 2020 on 34 counts of sexual assault, including 12 counts of rape, involving 21 women over more than two decades. He pleaded not guilty and his lawyer, Stuart Goldfarb, still claims that he is innocent.

Goldfarb told Fox News Digital that Jeremy’s trial will not happen and that he will be transferred to a state mental facility. He said that this was very unfortunate and that he had gathered more information on the case in the past two years. He also told The Associated Press that he believed that Jeremy would be acquitted if he went to trial. He said that Jeremy will not have the chance to clear his name because he will not go to trial.