George Norcross Considers Legal Action Against NFL After Ejection Over Flag Display

George Norcross (left) answers questions as then-N.J. Gov

On Sunday evening, a prominent figure in New Jersey’s political circles, George Norcross, was ejected from an Eagles game for displaying a banner combining the American and Israeli flags. The incident has sparked a potential legal battle and raised questions regarding the Eagles’ policies on fan expression.

Norcross, a loyal Eagles fan and season ticket holder for many years, unfurled the banner from his exclusive seating area during the game. The banner quickly attracted the attention of stadium staff, who requested Norcross to remove it. Norcross refused, leading to a heated argument.

According to Norcross’s account, he was forcibly removed from his box by security personnel and subjected to physical assault during the altercation. A video of the incident quickly gained widespread circulation on social media.

In a statement released following the incident, Norcross explained that he displayed the banner to express his support for Israel, a nation that had recently faced attacks from the terrorist organization Hamas. He also criticized the Eagles’ decision to eject him, pointing to the team’s history of taking strong stances on various social and political issues.

The Eagles have defended their actions, stating that Norcross violated stadium rules by displaying a non-game-related banner. The team’s policy prohibits signs that are considered indecent, offensive, or obstructive.

Norcross has not yet filed a lawsuit but has indicated that he is considering legal action against the Eagles, the NFL, and the security firm involved in his ejection. He has also encouraged fellow supporters of Israel to voice their opinions to the team and the NFL.

The incident has ignited a debate about the Eagles’ policies on fan expression. Some individuals support the team’s right to enforce its rules, while others argue that Norcross’s ejection infringed upon his First Amendment rights.

The Eagles have stated that they will review their policies in light of the incident and remain committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all fans.

Background on George Norcross

George Norcross III is a prominent insurance executive from Camden County, New Jersey. He has played a significant role in the state’s political landscape since the early 1990s, despite never holding a public office. Norcross maintained a strong working relationship with Republican Governor Chris Christie, which contributed to his peak influence during Christie’s tenure.

In recent years, Norcross’s political influence has waned due to a shift in the political landscape and internal party conflicts. Despite relocating to Florida, Norcross’s attempts to distance himself from statewide politics have been met with skepticism.

Ongoing Tailgate Gatherings

In his statement, Norcross reaffirmed his unwavering support for Israel and mentioned his popular pre-game tailgate gatherings for Eagles games. These gatherings have become a tradition among fans and serve as a platform for Norcross to connect with supporters.


The incident involving George Norcross’s ejection from an Eagles game has sparked a complex debate about fan expression, stadium policies, and the appropriate balance between individual rights and the overall fan experience. The potential legal action and the Eagles’ review of their policies could have significant implications for fan behavior and the atmosphere at sporting events.