Israel-Hamas conflict: A month of fighting results in 10,000 fatalities in Gaza

Israel-Hamas War

The ongoing bombardment by Israeli forces in Gaza has resulted in a mounting death toll, with at least 10,022 fatalities reported in the besieged Palestinian territory since October 7. Additionally, the occupied West Bank has seen at least 152 deaths, while over 1,400 have been killed in Israel during the same period.

Riyad Mansour, the UN representative for Palestine, has called for Israel to be held accountable for its alleged “crimes” and has accused the United States of obstructing the UN’s ceasefire agreement.

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement has issued an urgent plea for assistance, warning that the fuel supply at Gaza’s Al-Quds Hospital is in danger of depletion within the next 48 hours. Additionally, Al-Awda Hospital has reported that it may experience a similar crisis by Wednesday evening, highlighting the pressing need for immediate support.

Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, has informed journalists that Gaza is transforming into a place where children are tragically losing their lives. He has once again emphasized the urgent need to achieve a ceasefire, which has been difficult to attain.

The advocacy organization Human Rights Watch has urged a halt on arms sales to both Israel and Palestinian militant groups.

Israeli military custody claims the lives of two men

In the occupied West Bank, approximately nine or 10 individuals lost their lives within the past day, contributing to a total of 164 casualties since the start of the war.

Out of the revised number of deaths, two individuals who were prisoners died while under the custody of the Israeli military. These individuals were apprehended on October 7.

At least one person among them hailed from Gaza. He possessed a permit allowing him to be employed in Israel. Following the incidents on October 7, he was apprehended during an Israeli operation to apprehend individuals.

The circumstances surrounding their confinement and the deaths of these two individuals remain uncertain.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Association is calling for greater transparency and criticizing Israel for its lack of cooperation in providing timely information.

Majeed Ahmed, who was one of the individuals that lost their lives, was held in this location while his loved ones were in Gaza, facing the relentless bombardments.

He and his family were both unaware of each other’s condition.

The Israeli military often receives criticism for their actions of consistently preventing individuals from maintaining communication with their families. These persistent strategies effectively deprive people of their fundamental rights and liberties.

In Washington state, a large group of advocates for Palestine gathered at the Port of Tacoma to prevent a US military ship from departing, claiming it was transporting arms to Israel.

There, concerns arise about the potential use of weapons carried on the ship in Israel’s continuous operation against the Gaza Strip, resulting in the loss of over 10,000 Palestinian lives.

According to a reliable informant, the Arab Resource and Organizing Center (AROC), which spearheaded the demonstrations, received intelligence that the shipment would contain armaments and military supplies destined for Israel, as it persists in its Gaza offensive.

Report: Israeli airstrike in southern Gaza results in the deaths of at least 8 individuals.

According to local sources, airstrikes conducted by Israeli forces in southern Gaza on Tuesday morning have resulted in the deaths of at least eight individuals, as reported by Al Jazeera Arabic.

The bombardment struck a residence in Khan Younis’ Ma’an district, as stated in the report.

According to a video shared on Al Jazeera Arabic’s YouTube channel, a number of individuals in the central Gaza Strip were transported to Al-Aqsa Marty’s Hospital following an Israeli assault near Deir Al-Balah.

According to reports, the US submarine deployed to the Middle East does not possess any nuclear armaments.

According to a US defense official cited by the Associated Press news agency, a guided missile submarine variant of the United States, which was sent to the Middle East on Sunday, does not possess the ability to launch nuclear weapons.

According to Pat Ryder, the spokesperson for the Pentagon, the Ohio-class submarine will offer additional assistance in the United States’ efforts to deter potential threats in the region.

A photograph shared by the US Department of Defense on various online platforms showcased a submarine in motion, seemingly navigating through the Suez Canal and into the Red Sea.

Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank have caused injuries to multiple individuals, as confirmed.

Several individuals, including a female, have sustained injuries as a result of the most recent Israeli military operation in the Tulkarem district of the occupied West Bank, as reported by Wafa.

Wafa reported that one of the injured individuals was the mother of Izz al-Din Awad, a Palestinian man who was previously killed by Israeli forces in a raid on Monday.

A youthful individual sustained grave injuries after being struck by a bullet in the thoracic region, as reported by Wafa.